Sunday, November 29, 2015

365 Project: days 201-220

Another random assortment of 365 photos! LET'S GET TO IT! Verging from July into August; it's nice to remember the summer heat in this new chilly cold front. I guess it is almost December, yikes!

Our beautiful rings from Elise's going away party! We so fancy!! I love/hate the plastic rings that are wedged in cupcakes, I usually wear them despite the fact that they are too small and still covered in icing.

A last hurrah beach day with Elise the day before she moved. The current was strong, so we played a game where we timed ourselves as we swam against the tide and then timed how fast it took to get back to our original location. It was a (totally un) thrilling way to spend our time! I enjoy drifting in water, however, and it took us only 45 seconds to overcome our 3 minute trek to 200 feet down from our car.

Elise moved. The morning was spent packing up the truck and we had a tearful goodbye before she left and I sat on the floor of our apartment, crying. I forced myself to go out a couple of hours later to the farmer's market with Stewie and Andrea, which cheered me up. We ate basil laden watermelon, Stewie gave me some red and yellow flowers, and I bought my own hand-picked watermelon from a local farm.

Elise's going away party :( A photo with the Triangle; Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Laura and her majestic steed.

We attended a Great Horned Owl release for our Second Chances Rehabilitation Program. There were four juveniles who were ready to be released; three of them left with minimum convincing, including this one who flew right over our heads into the forest. However, the fourth owl was stubborn and insisted on remaining inside his crate. After the crate was disassembled around him and his towel pulled out from underneath him, he finally flew off into the surrounding trees.

Andrea and I went to The House of Rock for their anniversary block party. We drank beer, got pizza, saw old friends, watched some bands, and admired this wonderful bus that one of our friends served coffee out of.

Move-in day!! We spent all day moving 100+ lb furniture up three flights of steep stairs in 100+ degree weather! It was fantastic! Elise left me with a lobster shed from the Spiny Lobster she cared for at the aquarium, Mitch, who was one of the last things to be moved, along with some plants.

A perfect move-in dinner. Moving was HELL, but Chinese food does make up for it partially! Especially when eaten on the floor with friends.

One of the 'lil guys from the GHOW release! He was so alert and ready to go AKA he was a little bit terrified, but that's good news for a wild creature that is about to be released into the woods.

A close-up of Mitch, standing out as a statement piece in the living room of our new apartment.

The Blue Moon. My night photography is not the greatest, but I busted out my tripod and took this from the landing since I didn't want to miss out on a possible photo opportunity. I changed it to black and white to see if it made a difference and I like the effect, though it was already basically black and white.

Kendra's bridal shower! It was set in a beautiful clearing surrounding a bonfire pit at sunset, and we had a WONDERFUL mimosa bar set up with cutesy, pinterested glasses. So basically a fantastic photo set-up! Here's Kendra's hand with her special glass and bling ;) The lighting was gorgeous, I love golden hour.

Andrea and I went out for a celebratory dinner to celebrate being moved into our new apartment!! We went to Harrison's Landing, a restaurant right on the water, so we got to see the sunset over the marina.

This is not artistic…at all, but it is something new I've always wanted to try! My vodka watermelon was probably an ultimate failure, but I did it! My issues were I got a farmer's market watermelon (from the day Elise left) so it was dense and juicy, and I used open-top vodka so physics plugged it up most of the time. Oh well, you live and you learn.

A birthday gift from Clioh. I have the best friends.

A summer-time snack. Once the season hits I like to try to load up on all the light and airy foods that remind me of lazy suburban summer: pasta salad, iced tea, watermelon, popsicles,

Happy 25th Birthday to me :) My wonderful roommate woke me up with "Birthday" by The Beatles and cooked me sprinkle pancakes. She bought me a triceratops piƱata, earrings shaped just like Kogi, and so much candy. She really made this birthday great. Can you tell the theme of 25 was dinosaurs?

This was the day tragedy struck. We were practicing Coco's segment after a show and the winds were blustery, but since Coco's wings are clipped we weren't truly worried about it. A strong gust caught him as he fluttered in a self-propelled moment of fear and carried him 100 feet into the air, up and over the roof of the aquarium. It was chaos. No one was expecting it, and only two people saw the ordeal. We spent the rest of the day searching diligently for him. At first, we expected him to be out on the lawn, or on the roof. He can't have gone far, he has no flight experience, no developed muscles, he doesn't have the necessary flight muscles…we searched until the sun went down. My party was scheduled for that night, but I firmly said it was cancelled until further notice. I cried on and off all day, my shoulders sagged, I was in a haze of disbelief. All of us reacted inappropriately to situations due to hysteria; Kelsey and I got our golf cart stuck in the mud while searching the nearby forest and laughed about it. When I got home late that night, my friend had brought us food she was intending for the party; a veritable feast. She saw me and opened her arms and I collapsed into them, crying. It was good to cry, and to eat.

In desperate need for a cheer-up, I went with Laura to an owl release. This time a juvenile grey Eastern Screech Owl was going to be released into the woods near her home in Kingsville. We hiked around the lake at sunset and being somewhere wild made my heart calm. Once in a secluded area, we opened the door and a grey plume shot from the crate. I was surprised at his speed, as the GHOWs had taken forever. Thus, I only got this last vestige as he left us.

This batch of photos leaves on a negative point in my story :( Unfortunately, we never found Coco. It is hard to describe the sadness of a fly-off, though I'm sure many of you who have had a pet run away know a similar feeling. The worst was the inability to do anything other than search endlessly for him, sunup to sundown. He is a small, grey bird with limited flight capabilities and we are a facility surrounded by water and fields. It is heartbreaking to think about. I hope that Coco is at peace, wherever he may be.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

365: days 176-200

I have decided to stop using the weeks as a way to mark this project because I was getting ridiculously confused - this can be a VERY confusing pastime if you aren't organized. Which I'm not. Ever. But I'm trying to get better!

For instance, I have my photos! I've been doing the project, but I stopped posting them and editing them because of work, life, etc. But I am working on catching up! So here are some more summer photos to remember one of the best summers ever, the summer of Austin, of new roommates, of pool parties, of river floating, and dinosaurs.


On my way out of the city, after a tearful goodbye to my mother and a trip to Trader Joe's to pick up their entire stock of pomegranate limeade, I saw a food truck selling donuts. And I impulsively slammed to the left to grab me some of that. I came back to the car with a chocolate donut filled with cake batter and a donut topped with brown sugar, grilled bananas, and honey drizzle. Check out Gourdough's, if you are ever in the Austin area!


My beautiful, loving, selfless mother in front of a colorful wall. I love the contrast between her dress and the graffiti.

Beautiful blooms in Austin.


Austin is known for its street art; we saw it everywhere. It makes the city even more colorful and warm, if that was even possible.


I am obsessed with these dinosaur planters, found in a boutique along South Congress street. I fully plan on making some of my own, and SOON!


We celebrated the FIFA U.S.A women's soccer game (so many words) at our favorite taco place. Such a lovely place, such a lovely face...


Stewie dropped off a mad amount of fresh basil from the learning gardens where she volunteers. She prompted me to share them with Laura, though I definitely forgot and never did. Later on Stewie would ask her about it, to which I would leap into their conversation and exclaim that there was no reason we needed to talk about that, there was never any fresh basil, etc. They both shot me dirty looks.


The first half of the year is over; it is the thick of summer and the air is heavy with humidity and possibilities. It was my Monday and I was lacking creative focus, so I laid my treasured collection of feathers out on a skull-print cloth: a whispery soft feather from Brutus, a small, scrappy feather from Kogi, a long and elegant tail feather from an unknown pheasant from the Minnesota wood, and an eyed peacock feather from a proud male strutting the aviary grounds.


I got a bunch of awesome postcards from the Museum of the Weird in Austin to send to friends! I want to start a habit of sending more postcards in life; they're just so cool and easy!


Kogi says, "Let freedom ring!". Happy Fourth of July!


Zeppo being crazy during an outdoor session.


It's so easy to just take photos of my beautiful animals; I'm around them constantly and there is never a dull moment when you train creatures. Here is Nacho showing off her jump, jump, jump!


Roommate dinners are one of my favorite things; combined ingredients, usually a concoctions of pasta, cheese, vegetables, and meat, plus one of our favorite movies or TV shows=perfection.


This was clearly not a photo taken by me, but I love it. It's a famous mural in Austin on the side of Jo's Coffee. I wanted a photo of us next to it very badly, especially since it captures my feelings about this trip; about this roommateship in general.


An amazing urban art playground, The Hope Outdoor Gallery. People constantly add to it, take photos, and climb atop the structures in the baking sun. We didn't stay as long as I would have liked due to TRAGEDY (I dropped my phone and it cracked. AGAIN).


This is one of my favorite photos I've ever taken, I feel. THIS MURAL. I am having a love affair with this mural. And Elise just looks perfect next to it.


One of our friends has an adorable puppy, she is like the inverted version of Earth.


I got this adorable owl skeleton for Andrea since she loves skulls and hates owls.


Hanging out with Manny Calavera and reading a book.


Next door to a brewery we like to frequent is a wooden shack covered in ivy. I think it's beautiful, especially in evening light.


While in Austin, Elise and I waited for the Congress Bridge bats again. Instead of being up on the bridge, we sat on a dilapidated dock that was crumbling into the water and played "would you rather" as the sun set. Unfortunately we never were able to see the bats since a boat was BLASTING TERRIBLE MUSIC underneath it! Those poor bats!


We saw THIS DARLING PUPPY outside of the burger place we went to for lunch in Austin. OH MY GOD IT WAS SO CUTE I CANNOT EVEN.


Jackie with a bit of lunch still on her beak.


Zeppo trying to be sneaky.


A glimpse of the beautiful turquoise waters of Hamilton Pools. It was one of the most MAGICAL places I have ever visited; unfortunately we went right around noon so the lighting was atrocious for photos. I love how this photo captures the color of the water though.

I still have a lot of catching up to do, but here is a big dump post filled with beautiful photos (if I do say so myself)! For now, it is Halloween and I'm trying to shake off feelings of negativity to instead enjoy my favorite holiday and month :) Also, in exciting news, Megan visits next week! Basically I am so excited to PARTY and also to be a killer unicorn for Halloween!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

365: weeks 23 through 24 through 25

I was pretty sick at this point, so this is the best photo I could come up with :( Tea in one of my owl mugs.

Making charms for friends' birthdays. Unfortunately, they blew up in the over a little bit later >:( Oh, life.

Up close and personal with Chiquita.

A pretty kitty who stalked me through the grass, begging for pets and mewing as I walked to my car. Sometimes, I like cats.

Mam came to visit and we went out to dinner!!! Mommy and me cocktails.

Elise showed Mam and I the new Common Octopus, Flo. She is so beautiful!

Mam was only here a short time, so we used most of it wisely and went to AUSTIN! I didn't realize that a wonderful, colorful, eclectic city was just a three hour drive away! There is stuff like this everywhere: art, pictures, food trucks…oh it was magic.


Mom and I waited patiently on Congress Bridge the first night, excited to see the famous "Congress Bridge Bats" erupt from their perches beneath the architecture and swarm into the night in a perfect, bulbous form, on the hunt for insects. During our wait, we saw a beautiful, contrast-filled sunset (and you all know how much I love contrast!) It reminded me of the Twilight in "Twilight Princess", the Zelda game most popular to me because you could turn into a wolf.

I've lost track of the weeks, I think I have been counting them incorrectly, ugh. That's one of my downfalls with this project, remembering dates that correspond with numbers, and on top of that I am adamant about this week thing for the titles of posts. It doesn't really need to be said; I am behind. I have most of the photos (once again, I have my off days and the days where nothing seems to happen), but I also have patches. I am still doing this, but I must catch up. Now that my epic summer is over, it's time to hit the floor running with work projects and attempting to catch up with this, edit all the photos, post the summer ones, make my summer video I've been itching to create.

My biggest news is I just got back from a two week vacation where I went to Burning Man for the very first time and then to Salt Lake to visit my family, friends, and mountains. Oh, it was amazing. I have a lot to say about it. That is definitely for another time, and I really want to post pictures and transcribe tales (I have yet to do this at all, I have just sung about them to my friends). I will prevail! For now, here is most of June, or up to week 25 (apparently).