Thursday, May 21, 2015

365: weeks 17.5 & 18

Elise is beginning the process of moving (I really should be, too), so we were assembling boxes. Earth was pretty interested in this one and even hid inside it at one point.

I've been really into scrapbooking lately; I made some for my friends for Christmas as well as some going away gifts. Now I've decided it's time to make one for me! This day was spent making prints, cutting them out, and beginning the design process.

Manny and Starbucks. This photo is a little grainy, unfortunately. It was very rainy outside so I didn't feel like going out in search of a photo, and our living room doesn't get a lot of natural light…but this sums up my afternoon well.

I made breakfast for dinner! And then complained about the amount of cleanup I had to do afterwards.

Koda-bear! Andie and Geoff, my "aunt and uncle", are out of town for two weeks in Germany so I'm housesitting and petsitting for them. Koda is such a handsome boy!

The Lexington is quite beautiful lit up at night. We were just finishing up with a night event when I snapped this photo.

I have recently become obsessed with iced coffees (and I have a Starbucks gift card, so). Felix, the rat I'm petsitting, was also interested!

Andie gave me a training challenge for Felix: train him to replicate a photo she gave me of a rat hugging a toadstool. This was in the middle of one of the sessions, he got a little confused and ended up on top of it...

A beautiful sunset on the way home from Pitch Perfect 2.

I consider drawing with sidewalk chalk an awesome summer activity. Andie has a huge boat pad in her backyard that I started decorating with forest and ocean scenery.

COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP! Oh it feels good! I unfortunately had a bought of food poisoning today so I am trying to rest up before the rest of this busy, busy week. We are getting a Golden Eagle (finally!) at work, I have a night event on Saturday, Girl's Night on Friday, and there are some emotional crises going on at home with my roommate right now :( So lots of things going on, but luckily it is summer weather and I am super excited to reap all it has to offer!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

365: weeks 15, 16, & 17

WOW I GOT REALLY BEHIND. Thus, this is a special three week catch-up blog post!

I've been trying to paint with watercolors more because I want to improve my technique and I really enjoy it! I got a little watercolor pad that I want to paint birds (and maybe some other things) in. This is an attempted Mountain Bluebird, though the colors may be a little too dull.

We went to a paint night where they supply wine glasses and acrylic and we supply our own dranks. It was awesome; my own vase turned out…not so great, but these wine glasses Jessy painted turned out AMAZING!

This little Green Heron female was hanging out with her boyfriend on our dock. As we approached, she would snake her head through the chain link fence and then her body would follow. She did that consistently; instead of just flying away she would slither in and out of the chain link. I called her SNAKE BIRD and then took this photo of her when she fluttered to a nearby boat.

My lame attempt to get a photo for the day; our delicious feast we got for Triangle Night. My Dad says this might look nice in black and white, though, due to the texture! Maybe I'll try that for the final product (hopefully some sort of book).

Erin and I went on the search for wildflowers. They're in bloom right now and are BEAUTIFUL. Her shirt matched those purple guys perfectly!

It rained A LOT the night before, flooding everything and creating a wonderland for frogs

Erin and I went to the San Antonio Zoo! Can you identify this bird? :)

When Erin and I were at the zoo, we discovered through a news article that popped up on our phones that 33% of the indoor fish collection at the aquarium had died suddenly, including some large and charismatic species. We were in shock. It was truly tragic to return to the aquarium and see all the empty tanks. It has now been discovered that the company sent an incorrectly labelled chemical that poisoned all the fish (meant to originally treat a nasty parasite ransacking the main system), which is even worse than what we first imagined. Luckily, we have all slowly started to heal and tanks are being restocked; we even have an octopus now! This little blue-eyed guy was luckily in a tank unaffected by the chemical.

Zeppo eating a delicious juice cube. He is in Juice Nirvana.

The ferris wheel at the local beach bar at sunset. One of my favorite aesthetics is lit-up carnival rides at sunset.

Kitty being a sleepy serval.

Kogi doing some flight sessions! He just learned how to fly two years ago so he is constantly flying with the brakes on (AKA with his tail flared out like that constantly).

I LOVE leopard geckos! They're so cute! My friend let me do a mini-photoshoot with this little guy, UGH SO CUTE!

Earth Day!! I went to a local park I had never been to before and squelched in the mud, took pictures of geese, and got slightly eaten alive by mosquitos. There were also some sketchy cars that arrived and left with no actual appearances in the park soooo it may or may not be a drug drop-off park. Oh well, it has a pond!

I've been hearing a high-pitched, raspy squeak in our bushes and suspected their may be a nest in there. One day I inspected the area and found this fledgling Northern Mockingbird staring at me from the branches. He's so cute! I say hi to him every day, now.

My Oma and Opa flew me out to Utah for my Opa's retirement party and, as a gift for being so amazing, I made them an ornament of their beloved dog, Maddy. Madds is out of focus, unfortunately, but I still like this photo

My uncle, aunt, and Dad posing for a sibling photo (and my other aunt photobombing in the background). I love my family so much :')

This is my Opa, the man of the hour. He is seriously an AMAZING human being. I don't even know the half of it; he has performed so many selfless acts, some of which I just learned about at his retirement party. He has spent the last 30+ years of his life solving conflicts in churches across the nation, which makes sense considering he is THE most patient man I have ever met. He is someone I greatly respect, admire, and love. It is one of my secret desires to have him be the officiant at my wedding one of these days.

Gabe and I went for a hike up a local canyon nearby our old house. Oh it was beautiful (albeit muddy). Exploring the mountains makes my heart happy and full.

I'm leeeeavin' on a jet plane!

Sometimes you just have to go plant shopping. Especially as I grow more and more attached to the idea of cacti and succulent gardens in adorable, tiny planters.

My new baby cactus! Look at that little bloom! It closes at night and reopens again with the rising of the sun.

Norman the grey phase Eastern Screech Owl. I have a special place in my heart for screechies ever since training my little Cica in Minnesota. Norman is half blind due to a window strike and thus could not be released which is why he remains at our facility.

Laura, Elise, and I all had a sleepover and made cookies at one point. This is Laura stirring the cookie-dough in her fantastic Lion King shirt.

Brutus being a handsome man. He and I were doing some flight sessions in his mew.

HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! One of my best friends sent me a card with Star Wars stickers in it (which is funny since she had just given me a Star Wars mad lib a couple of day before when I was in Utah). Ugh I just love Star Wars so much! This was also my three year anniversary of graduating college!

Moon Jellies floating in their effervescent blue tank.

We went to puppy playdate which is basically like a DIY dog park people make happen three times a week. Earth was accosted by this puppy in the middle of her slew of rolling and seemed…caught off guard.

Since the weather is warm again, our group has been going to Geeks Who Drink (bar trivia). There has been a recent addition to our team in this orange tabby who joins us at the table and begs for scraps. He's cute, though.

Our aquarium had a putt-putt themed fundraiser that we were able to take part in. We dressed up in our best vintage golf costumes (our team won "best dressed"), played through the exhibits (I even got a hole in one!), and then enjoyed the bar and each other's company while we waited for prizes to be announced.

Laura hosted a dinner party at her new house, where a total of eight dogs and ten people showed up. It was fantastic.

It's beginning to look a lot like summer! I ordered the entire Scott Pilgrim series after re-watching the movie and remembering that I LOVE it! Watermelon is also definitely a summer staple.

PHEW almost all the way caught up! I didn't want to overwhelm this post with more than I had to, so next time I'll post two weeks again and then be fully caught up!

Life has been NUTS (of course), I've been busy trying to balance work and life, as always, and trying to survive this humidity. Life is pretty good :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

365: week 14

My vase of special memories I've made so far this year. Included in this vase are:
-a cork from a champagne bottle popped on New Year's in Spain that landed in my mother's hood
-a half-shell from a nut that was given to me by a Green-Winged Macaw
-a bird band that I got in my swag bag at the IAATE conference
-a shark tooth from our (now deceased) Sand Tiger Shark

Sonora the White-Nosed Coati on a walk.

We occasionally go to the local beach bar after work to grab some beers, or in this case some fruity cocktails. Shots are involved sometimes, too.

This year there was not an Orphan's Easter, but I was still taken in by some friends who were having their own Easter dinner. We ate delicious glazed ham, drank wine, and played Pokemon Snap. I was obsessed with their apartment because they have so many interesting things, including this little gem and crystal collection!

Earth has recently decided she really likes to hang out in my room, especially on my bed.

Bo, the American Alligator, bellowing. His vocalizations sound like a motorcycle attempting to start up.

Laura and I were originally going to go on a day trip to a town 45 minutes away, but plans were cancelled last minute and we instead watched The Bachelorette and ate Grimaldi's pizza. I then stopped by a drive-thru bar to grab a peach bellini and drank it poolside for the rest of the afternoon. It was glorious.

I am behind; this past week I have been bad at taking photos because I've been feeling pretty down. I'm feeling better again (all part of this constantly fluctuating life of mine!) and have been bringing my camera everywhere with me again, so I'm patching up the holes and will be back to posting regularly again hopefully soon!

In more exciting news, I am going to Utah in just a couple of days! My Opa is (possibly? Maybe?) retiring and so he is having a big party! My Oma graciously purchased a ticket for me to fly out there for the party so I can partake in familial activities such as drinking lots of wine and yelling loudly! SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

365: week 13

The lighting at The National Seashore was fantastic with the cloud cover. I bought a season pass since it's so nice, wild, and away from everything and we spent hours exploring beaches.

We went to the botanical gardens where they take in unwanted or "problem" parrots. I spent ages playing with the cockatoos, ugh I love them so much. This little girl was named Misouko and when we left to visit other birds she would cling to the side of her cage and murmur "pretty bird" as she did little crest flips. We took pictures of Swallowtail butterflies, saw cottontail rabbits nibbling on clovers, and then got snow cones with ice-cream afterwards.

We all went for a walk with Mr. Wendell, our Southern Tamandua, as a final goodbye before he left for the Memphis Zoo, where he will live out a happy life as a proud creator of many little baby tamanduas. You can see his tongue in this shot!

We kept on planning to go to the beach after I finished with work each day, but it was basically terrible weather the entire time Cleo was here. We finally decided to brave the 30+ mph winds and determinedly frolicked in the ocean and attempted to do some embroidery with sand whipping everywhere. I'm glad we went.

Cleo and I planned on camping out at the National Seashore, so we had a bonfire on the beach and invited a bunch of my Texas friends. It was windy (of course), but super fun!

The next morning we woke up early enough to watch the sun rise over the ocean after we had put away all our gear. We then finished off the trip with a trip to a delicious local diner. The perfect end to an amazing trip!

April Fool's! I had some googly eyes leftover from the year I played a similar April Fool's joke on my mom (putting eyes on everything in our fridge), so I put them all over the apartment.

This weekend has been a great balance of productivity and relaxation. I did a bunch of chores yesterday, went to the volunteer banquet where we went to a swanky roof bar after the ceremonies, then spent today watching a movie with Laura complete with Grimaldi's pizza, drinking and reading by the pool, taking Earth for a (semi-drunken) walk, and now mentally prepping myself for work this next week.

I think I truly am going to follow my mother's advice and create a mural that says "I believe in myself" in glitter.