Wednesday, April 9, 2014

good things

-I'm training a Red-Legged Seriema to crate

-I get to play with an otter on a daily basis

-I flew a Harris's Hawk to my glove and it felt like I've been with the birds all along

-I went grocery shopping yesterday and have many fresh things to eat

-It's spring (for reals this time)

-I'm going to the beach today with Jess and a bucket of margaritas

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 Things I Love

It is once again no longer Monday, plus I forgot to do it last week, BUT I want to keep up this tradition (as well as continue to write in this blog despite still acclimating to my new life).


Beach bonfires

I had SO MUCH FUN the other night at our beach bonfire! You're allowed to drive up onto the beach, park, and make a bonfire LEGALLY (opposite of the many illegal bonfires made on California beaches in my time). We gossiped around the fire, drank sangria and vodka, frolicked in the water, and accidentally stepped in some tar balls that still haven't come off my feet.



As we frolicked in the water around midnight, I noticed bright specks of glowing blue and screeched, "BIOLUMINESCENCE!!!" I splashed them onto my legs so I could see them better, tossing them into the air like tiny crystalline bursts of fireworks. I ran through the waves, practically swimming in them (due to possible high amounts of alcohol in my blood), and giggling madly as I weaved in and out of my friends, sprinting through the water. I loved it. And I'm excited for many summer nights involving the same thing.


Game nights

We had a Settlers of Catan game night! During our beach bonfire, we all drunkenly reminisced about playing Settlers of Catan and agreed to get together and play it the next night, however I soon realized that I have never actually played the game. I just assumed I had played it because my family is obsessed with it and they always play it. It is complicated as shit. I set up settlements along green valleys and woodlands and basically hoarded sheep the entire game. Whenever people tried to steal my resource cards, there was approximately a 67% chance that they would get a sheep (or a shoop, as I explained my whole theory regarding sheep vs. shoops at the beginning of the game). But it was still super fun and we ate dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner and I lost spectacularly, but I had a lot of sheep.


Exploring natural history museums

On my day off last week, Jess and I decided we were going to head downtown and do something touristy. We ended up at a cafe at the art museum for some lunch and mimosas, and then realized we didn't want to look at art and instead walked over to the natural history museum. It was...interesting. It was more of a human history plus a tiny bit of natural history museum, and there was A LOT of history to talk about. There was a cool shipwreck exhibit about the ships from Spain that went down off the coast a little south of here, exhibits about the western cultures, about old school regal peeps of Corpus, etc. It got a little overwhelming. The natural history portion was hilarious because you could tell everything was labelled and exhibits created in the '70s and nothing has been updated since then. The rock exhibit reminded me of my favorite Shell Shop. The Sandhill Crane pictured above was possibly one of my favorite parts of the museum; his name was Bonaparte and he lost his legs in a coyote trap. Luckily, someone found him and a scientist researched how to create bionic legs for the crane. She DID it! Those weird plastic things are his ROBOT LEGS. Eventually, Bonaparte died of a heart attack. Magnificent. After the museum, Jess and I got salads and soup and drank peach vodka/iced tea while watching American Idol and it was glorious.


Awesome cover bands

There's a really cool bar downtown called The Executive Surf Club. I went there for trivia a couple of weeks ago, and last week I headed out on a Tuesday night (my Saturday) to watch a live band play. It was AWESOME! They played 80s and 90s rock covers, and A LOT of The Police. Our friend was super into it plus quite drunk because it was $2 pint night, so he danced around us and sang to the songs, which was hilarious.


Training our River Otter

I've been able to start doing some training with our River Otter so I can start doing sessions when other people are busy, plus I really want to learn because OMG RIVER OTTER!! His name is Merlin and he is so cuuute!!! We worked on "station", "hammock", "stump", and "come here", which are all simple outdoor commands. I love it.



I LOVE birdwatching. Like I've mentioned before, it's basically like my crack. I get super excited about the prospect of seeing a new species of bird, or identifying something difficult such as a vireo or warbler. I went birding on my "weekend" last week at the Suter Wildlife Reserve and unfortunately didn't really see any new species except for some waterfowl that I've seen maybe once before, which was still pretty cool. I saw Roseate Spoonbills, Reddish Egrets, and Caspian Terns for the first time in the wild which was awesome! Plus it was just a really nice, beautiful walk. I am looking forward to spring migration craziness and seeing different types of warblers! One of our volunteers who is an avid birder told me about a couple of places in Port Aransas that are good for birdwatching so I hope to make it out there soon!


Taking dogs for a walk

I'm petsitting right now for a coworker and am taking her dog on walks every day (well except today, whoops). There is an adorable park nearby her where kids play kickball and baseball in semi-official diamonds alit with giant stadium lights as the sun sets, later each and every day. There is a field filled with cacti and then a hiking path lining a river. It is an amazing walk and reminds me of spring as the sun sets behind us.


Congratulatory brownies

Elise, the new vet tech Laura, and I all had a potluck at Elise's house the other day where Elise provided food, I provided drinks/alcohol, and Laura brought over brownies decorated with "Congratz", birds, and fish in honor of our new "grown up" jobs. They were awesome and basically I love sugar.



I love this show. We watched it while playing Settlers of Catan and I would get visibly distracted from the game to watch this show despite seeing it a thousand times. It's just SO GOOD. If you've never seen it before, watch it. It's on Netflix.

This past week was awesome, complete with ice hockey, sangria, angry high-beam battles, hot tubbing, new york style pizza, mini cocker spaniels, playing in the ocean, cat cuddles, receiving new/old shoes in the mail plus an amazing handmade card from my BFFL, and hanging out with my new franz, and even though it's my sunday it has still been a great, chill day. Time to attempt catching up in my written journal before bed. Fare thee well!

Monday, March 24, 2014

friday funday

The other day after work I decided that instead of heading home to loll on my bed and watch Netflix, I would instead take my camera and a change of clothes to work and head out to explore North Beach. North Beach is sort of...sketch, but it's still very touristy so there are all kinds of exciting buildings, objects, and people to view and photograph. My adventure was filled with explorations, frolicking in the water, people-watching, and alcoholic cherry limeades from my favorite beach bar.

  • I walked out to the edge of a jetty outside the aquarium and snapped this perfect photo of a pelican resting on a buoy
  • The edge of the jetty
  • Decorated fences
  • Corpus Christi is a big spring break destination. All of Texas goes on spring break at the same time and this last week was that special period of time before the summer that Wild Flight is really slammed
  • For some reason I really liked this sign. I love the charm of a nice beach restaurant or bar
  • Silhouettes of the aquarium and the Harbor Bay Bridge. Plus a lot of gulls

  • A cormorant emerging from the water
  • Spring Break boating
  • A real live landshark! Candygram...
  • Laughing Gulls
  • Bonding with the Atlantic
  • There were people who had parachuted/parasailed or something over the water because they were in wetsuits and attempting to pack away their chutes in the intense wind. It was sort of hilarious

  • The beach bar/restaurant. Did I mention that they also serve delicious nachos?
  • A giant game of Jenga out on the deck of Fajitaville
  • My view from the bar deck. As I watched kids playing on the beach, gulls erupting from the sand, and the sun glimmering over the water, Pharrel's song "Happy" came on. I smiled
  • Birds
  • Take-off
  • Sinking in my roots

  • North Beach has some amazing picnic spots. They're stationed almost right next to the water and are incredibly high up off the ground so if the tide comes in, your feet don't get wet unless you want them to
  • An amazing view
  • I drew a heart in the sand
  • I love this feeling
  • One great thing I've noticed about Texas is the colorful buildings
  • Blue walls plus fairy lights equals an amazing restaurant, in my opinion

  • I saw these apartments and immediately started compiling a story about them in my mind. A story about someone who lives there
  • The U.S.S. Lexington is right next to the aquarium
  • Ocean spray
  • Little pelican friend
  • The beautiful sunrise on my second day of work
  • On my walk along the jetty I saw this woman holding her dog and gazing out over the sea. I asked her if I could take her picture with her holding her dog, since I thought it was so cute. I haven't asked to take a stranger's picture since Minnesota!

It was an awesome exploration session, and since then I've done so many other fun, new things like (sort of) learned how to two-step, sunk a ball while playing pool, surprised people on the dance floor with my moves, had fog poured on me, drank too many dollar drinks, found a river sanctuary nearby my home (when I told my parents they said "don't go there! There might be weird people there!" woops, too late), gone to Geeks Who Drink trivia night at a local bar, failed miserably, went to a St. Patrick's Day block party and drank green beer, and of course am still getting used to my new job! Everything is new and exciting and exhausting and I am slowly getting accustomed to it. Today was my Friday (which is ironic since it's Monday) so I plan on using this weekend to get shit DONE, to sleep in, to explore, and to hopefully do a post filled with Iphone photos!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 Things I Love

I have been at my new job for a whole week! And what a week it was. A great week, a week full of learning, and a week full of some bad luck, unfortunately :( I'm preparing another post filled with pictures and stories, but for now here is my list of ten things I'm loving right now.


Happy Hour at Sonic

I live by a Sonic now and it is DANGEROUS. On days off (which luckily there have only been two so far), at around 2:30 I think, "oh it's happy hour now..." and then I end up getting a large cherry limeade. Occasionally I spike it with vodka. It's always delicious.


Cable TV

Now I can come home from work and watch trash TV complete with commercials for background noise as I make dinner, browse the internet, and let the birds out for some playtime. I still watch Netflix a great deal, but when no one else is here it's awesome to be able to watch the Food Network or TLC or DANCE MOMS. Especially when it's with your new friend and especially when you have delicious, cheap mexican food to eat (aka sopapillas). Also CARTOON NETWORKKKK


Making new friends

I was pretty lonely here for a little while. I'm still lonely here because it's only been a week, I miss my family and friends, my dogs and the mountains, but it's getting better. I'm making friends with my co-workers, connecting with other people, and joining meet-up groups. So far I've been to an ice-hockey game, discovered new great places to eat in the city, gone to a St. Patrick's Day block party where I drank green beer and saw downtown, and had a couple of chill move/TV nights where alcohol and mexican food was involved. Basically, I'm glad that I am making new connections :) Just like Girl Scouts taught me, "Make new friends, but keep the old."


Franzia boxed wine

Ah, boxed wine. Don't turn your nose up at this precious commodity, pretentious wine snobs! It's affordable, transportable, and delicious! Memories of college, especially tailgating football games, explode in my senses as soon as I even see the box. One of my co-workers (friiiiend) invited me over for wine and trash TV (two of my favorite things) and when I saw the red boxed wine I was like OH MY GOD. We discussed the beloved game of "slap the bag" and I told her it was a damn good thing we had red spirit T-shirts for our school, as otherwise I would have had visible red wine stains all over my shirt as I attempted to guzzle wine during these games.


Taking a tamandua for a walk


A Tamandua is also known as a lesser anteater. Remember when I used to take my porcupine for walks? Now it's Mr. Wendell. He is incredibly slow and truly unwilling to take walks compared to Spikers, but we'll keep working with him and see as he feels as it becomes warmer and warmer. Just one of the perks of my amazing new job.


Bonding with parrots

There are a couple of parrots at my new job, so I need to start building a relationship with them. People don't usually understand how sensitive birds are to their environment. If a bird doesn't know you, they're not going to work with you. They'll even respond poorly aka give you a fear response and possibly bite you. Instead of throwing me into the training and show routine, we're slowly working up to it and having me reinforce simple behaviors. For instance, if our green-winged macaw Zeppo remains calm and happy when I'm in his enclosure, when I leave I give him a piece of his food! It's fun!


The Lego Movie

I went to The Lego Movie with my mom the day before she left (and I started my new job) and I thought it was HILARIOUS! Hilarious AND adorable! I really loved it; I'm glad I got to see it :)


Nice insurance agents

Something TERRIBLE happened to me the very first day of work but luckily there was a REALLY REALLY NICE woman who helped me out when I called insurance about it. She was so nice and helpful, which was just what I needed. THANK YOU ANONYMOUS AMAZING INSURANCE AGENT LADY!!


Discovering new places to eat

You know how sometimes you just discover someplace amazing to eat, and mostly it's because it's unknown and exciting and cute and has delicious food and also you are discovering it with someone you is really nice and cool and is your new friend? Oh well, that's what happened to me. My new friend and I went to check out this Mexican place that not only kindly told us they could give us take-out (since her dog was in the car), but was also incredibly affordable and super delicious. I got fajitas and sopapillas drizzled with chocolate sauce and bananas YUM!


Game Grumps


I just discovered these guys due to an animated video of them describing their progress in Pokemon Firered. Um, they are HILARIOUS. I like almost died last night as I watched it from the beginning. The good news is that you can even just listen to them and it's like a soothing/hilarious podcast about pokemon MY FAVORITE!

This week started out pretty crappy, but it has shaped up to be a really great first week! Making friends has of course helped, as I now have people to hang out with. Today was my "saturday" so I spent it doing some chores, grocery shopping with Tilt, a Skype date with my mama and brother, and then I made dinner with Elise! Tomorrow Jess and I are getting sushi for our boss'es birthday and then maybe explore some beaches (or do laundry...). YAY!